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Surface Well Testing Surface Well Testing (SWT) gather techniques to assess the true reservoir potential at full scale under dynamic conditions. Basically, the effluent received from well head (mixture of oil, gas, and water at high pressure) is treated through SWT assets to obtain an accurate estimate of the flowrates and compositions of gas, oil and water under dynamic conditions of the reservoir (reservoir put in production during a short period of time). Most often, the three phases are separated, measured (flowrates through on-line measurements, composition through sampling) and disposed in accordance with environmental regulations. The new Engineer will work within Surface Well Testing team based in Clamart, Paris area, France. More particularly, she/he will work in the Production Express Center of Expertise (PECE) Team. The purpose of this team is to support SLB locations around the word in the design of productions facilities, achieving the production objectives in term of product specifications with temporary equipment, like these commonly operated for surface well testing. Production Express installations are operated as Surface Well Testing installations (considering temporary facilities), with the difference that the oil and or the gas are produced with commercial specifications to be delivered to Client for sale. This implies operation of equipment which are not commonly considered in Surface Well Testing temporary facilities, for instance: o oil stabilization and treatment to reach low RVP and/or H2S content. o gas treatment to meet water / hydrocarbon dew point or to remove contaminants like H2S or mercury. o Water treatment before disposal, with more stringent thresholds in terms of contaminant contents o Low gas flaring o Gas to power The team has grown, gathering expertise the production system domains above. To complete the PECE team, SLB is looking for a new project or process engineer with significant experience in gas to power generation and utility systems. Additional required technical skills: - Flowsheets / block flow diagrams - Definition of Basis of design - Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) - Functional specification - Cause and Effect diagrams - Safety in design: o Knowledge of API standards (520, 521, 2000, etc..) is absolutely required. o Safety reviews (HAZOP, HAZID, LOPA, etc.) Industrial codes: o Deep knowledge and practice of API standards, in particular API 520, 521, 537, 2000, 12J, 14C, 14E, 620, 650, etc.… o Knowledge of pressure vessel and piping standards and codes (ASME VIII, B31.3 and ISO equivalents) o CE marking, ATEX, NACE




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