Head of Drilling - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Scope of work


  • Work on an integrated development team with Drilling, Subsea, Subsurface and Construction.


  • Be accountable for well planning and execution in accordance with WMS Well Delivery Project process (WDPP 1-5) with optimization and continuous improvement on cost efficiency, integrity, and reliability, and complied with SSHE MS and Well Management System (WMS) by:

- Manage drilling project from phase 1 to 5.

- Review phase -1 offset, lesson learned, and inventory data.

- Develop and select the best concept (drilling, completion, well testing and abandonment), and deliver phase-2 BOD/FID

- Issue request for procurement stage-1 (long lead items and associated Drilling Services as agreed upon department procurement plan)

- Issue MOC for deviation from Phase-2 BOD/FID as well as propose for approval.

- Carry out phase 3A preliminary engineering, validate assumptions, register risk/mitigation, and issue request for procurement stage-2

- Engage stakeholders/contractor, conduct detail engineering/program, perform DWOP, and deliver phase-3B well AFE and Detail Program

- Support Drilling Operations team to conduct and supervise drilling and completion activities in phase-4 (Execution), deliver results and hand over a well to Exploration/Development/Production function or via Well Services function (as & when applicable)

- Ensure After Action Review (AAR), update lesson learned database and completion final well report as required.

  • Validate MOC in case of deviation from standards and approved detail program.
  • Support the preparation and documentation and execution of the ADP/FDP/FFR, FIR and FIA for all Development Project submissions.
  • Manage procurement and contracts matters related to drilling function by assigning contract holders, issuing request for procurement, defining scope of drilling operations.
  • Complete technical bid evaluation 9TBE), commercial bid evaluation (CBE), recommendation to award (RTA) and manage contractor performance.


  • As provided/assigned by Head of Malaysia Well Operations, Department


  • Reporting to Head of Malaysia Well Operations and advising on operational progress, safety issues, and operations forecast for Completions and Well Interventions operations.
  • Liaise with other Development Team members and extended team members in drilling, facilities, sub-surface, sub-sea and other disciplines.


  • Degree in Engineering.
  • Have detailed knowledge of Well Completions, Well Interventions and well servicing with a minimum of 15 years’ experience of that a minimum of 5 years Deepwater Completions and Well Interventions experience (Subsea and Dry-Tree) with an emphasis on sand control theory, design, and operational application.
  • Experience preparing basis of design documentation.
  • Experienced participation in Major Capital Project process.
  • Minimum 5 years of well service operations and equipment.
  • Experience with contracting and tendering processes.
  • Knowledge of reservoir engineering.
  • Experience in international operation is a plus.
  • Self-motivated.
  • Strong computer literacy.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.




Company specifications


Codes and standards