Senior Construction Engineer

timesheet-based serviceBid + Execution

Scope of work

• Monitor and report status and overview on project development progress and issues at hand, through scheduling, project controls, and interface with EPC and EPCIC managers / teams.

• Provide project monitoring activities within the project controls, procurement and cost control governance policies in Petronas (particularly in respect to PPGUA requirements).

• Assist in interface with Petronas and Partner(s) on regular basis.

• Assist in preparation of MPM and other presentation materials, including regular presentations e.g. Monthly Coordination Meeting.

• Prepare and maintain weekly/monthly progress reports and presentations.

• Prepare and maintain Long Range Plan.

• Update and maintain project cost controls / VOWD records, track spending against budgets.

• Contract-holder for Follow-On-Engineering contractor; maintain budget and administration of same in consultation with end users in EPC and EPCIC teams.

• Preparation of contracts as required, taking charge of all interfaces between Procurement and end users in the EPC / EPCIC teams.




Company specifications


Codes and standards