Senior Engineer, Engineering Data Management

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Scope of work


Database Management:

  • Manage Project's EDMS and engineering databases (e.g., AVEVA), ensuring security, integrity, performance, and data quality.
  • Establish and enforce data governance policies and procedures.
  • Perform regular backups, recoveries, and maintenance tasks.
  • Monitor database performance and implement adjustments as needed.
  • Liaise with Corporate IT team in aligning the IT requirements of project and asset for smooth execution including the annual budget preparation for the project.
  • Ensure project database has been appropriately structured to fit with company’s policy, IT requirements, and Operation team’s requirements for a smooth transition.

Project Insights and Reporting:

  • Utilize Business Intelligence (BI) tools like Power BI to develop insightful reports and dashboards for project stakeholders.
  • Leverage data analytics to identify trends, risks, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Communicate insights effectively to project team members and management.
  • Support data-driven decision-making across the project.
  • Able to understand and analyze Project Key metrics to develop fully customized reports and refine a well-developed Dashboard layout for project team’s overview.
  • Identifying risk assessment and process improvement opportunities to help shape the vision of short-term and longer-term project and business requirements.
  • Identify gaps and impact in Project performance & support to drive improvements.

Document Control and Engineering Software Management:

  • Oversee the Project's Document Control Management System.
  • Facilitate efficient management and utilization of engineering software like AVEVA.
  • Act as the focal point for coordinating project database strategy and implementing policies.
  • Timely receipt & distribution of the documents to Project team
  • Responsible for returning the commented copies of deliverables to Contractors & others
  • as per the Document control procedure.
  • Responsible for updating the EDMS system on a real-time basis.
  • Regular issue of the exceptions lists to the project team.
  • Liaise with Package Contractors’ Document Control team.

Collaboration and Stakeholder Management:

  • Engage actively with various departments and stakeholders to ensure effective data
  • sharing and utilization.
  • Present reports and dashboards clearly and concisely, promoting data-driven project
  • management.
  • Foster a collaborative data culture within the project team.



  1. Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, engineering, or a related field.
  2. Minimum 15 years of experience in Engineering Data Management or a similar role.
  3. Experience in EDMS, BI, AVEVA, SAP, HANA, MS Access, etc. would be advantageous.
  4. Strong analytical skills are required.
  5. Demonstrate problem-solving skills with attention to detail.
  6. Communicate effectively in verbal and written formats, including presentation skills and professional writing skills.
  7. Can assimilate and apply new techniques and knowledge to deliver insights and solve problems.
  8. Strong stakeholder management skills - including experience on coaching stakeholders.
  9. Expertise in data analysis and advanced-level calculations on datasets.
  10. Experience with AVEVA’ engineering software and engineering document control systems like OpenText.
  11. Strong communication and presentation skills.
  12. Ability to work independently and collaboratively.


  1. Experience in Shared Service and Oil & Gas industry.
  2. Experience with Microsoft BI stack (Power BI, SSAS, SSRS, SSIS).
  3. Financial knowledge and SAP applications exposure.
  4. Experience with other BI tools like IBM TM1 Cognos.




Company specifications


Codes and standards