SL-13-I - Electrical Engineer

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Scope of work

Scope of Work for Thermography inspection of existing electrical systems; Marine Electrical Load List for all cases; Marine Single Line Diagrams (440 V and 220 V); • Review and Update Emergency Power System; • List, specification and MTO for new cables; • Production of Cable Specification for new cabling; • Review and modifications to lighting system including review of light levels • Short Circuit Analysis; • Voltage Drop Calculation • Main UPS Specification (supplying power to both critical Marine and Process Topsides equipment); • Modification to the electrical system to normally take power from the Process Topsides Power Generation and to allow all existing Marine Diesel Generators to be used as Supplementary Power Generation for both Marine and Process Topsides (new Marine Emergency Diesel Generator to be used for Black Start / Emergency purposes); • Review of adequacy of existing cabling and production of MTO for any modifications / replacements required. • Isolation philosophy for decommissioned electrical equipment • Normal, Secondary, Emergency and Black Start electrical power philosophy; • Data sheets/specifications for all new electrical equipment including but not limited to LV/MV switch gear, Circuit Breakers, MCC, Electric motors, cables etc; and • Input into Shipyard Scope of Work




Company specifications


Codes and standards

api rp 14f, iec, nema, ip code