Material and Corrosion Engineer - Bangkok, Thailand

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Scope of work

MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES: - Perform corrosion assessment and material selection and prepare material selection reports and MSDs for the process and utility pipework and equipment based on Client’s specifications, international codes and standards, and best practices. Primary involvement in a typical project includes: - Perform corrosion assessment based on process and material data - Select materials in line with Client’s specification, international standards, project specifications, and best practices. - Provide cost effective material selection solution to the project. - Prepare Material Selection & Corrosion Philosophy Report. - Prepare Material Selection Diagram - Prepare Internal Corrosion Monitoring Specification. - Prepare Protective Coating and Painting Specification - Prepare Insulation (Thermal & Cold) insulation Specification - Prepare Dissimilar Material (Galvanic Corrosion) Specification - Assess corrosion risks during the lifetime of the installation - Work proactively in a team to find a corrosion mitigation or material replacement solutions based on Client requirements - Participate in inter-disciplines, project, client, and vendor meetings when requested by the Lead Engineer. - Provide interdisciplinary support on piping, equipment and structural material selection, material production and material substitution - Provide interdisciplinary support on corrosion prevention and mitigation related issues. - Review material certificates - Advise the project team members and engineers on all matters associated with materials and corrosion. - Conduct any other material/ mechanical engineering works/ participation in design reviews as and when required by the Company. ESSENTIAL QUALIFICATIONS: - Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Metallurgical/ Material/ Mechanical/ Chemical Engineering or Materials Science. - Minimum two (2) years’ experience in Oil & Gas, or related industries. Experience should cover at least one (1) year of corrosion and material engineering in an Engineering Consultant or EPC/ EPCM Contractor. - Good working knowledge of material selection standards. - Good working knowledge of corrosion & degradation mechanisms in the Oil & Gas industry - Good working knowledge of corrosion rate calculation models - General knowledge on material selection related standards (e.g., ASTM, API, AISI and ISO). PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE: - Registered professional engineer or member of a professional engineering society - Experience in design of cathodic protection systems - Related certification in corrosion assessment and prevention form NACE - Good working knowledge in material selection programs – ECE, PRECORR, CORPLUS, NORSOK, and MULTICORR.



norsok, precorr, multicorr, corplus, ece

Company specifications

Codes and standards

astm, api, aisi, iso