Senior Process Engineer

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Scope of work

Basic Function and Scope:

1. To provide technical and engineering support for Pipeline systems to ensure smooth, safe, reliable and efficient transportation of crude oil from production site/s to delivery points.

2. Provide process engineering advisory and design services for pipeline and related facilities.

3. Carry out advisory services in areas of expertise, prepares/oversees conceptual designs for modifications or new facilities and evaluates plant change requests and requests for engineering support.

4. Develop project strategies for presentation to Management for approval.

5. Initiates studies, conducts process audits and recommends plant/ field modifications to improve efficiency, productivity, safety, cost savings and technology updates.

6. Maintain and updates the Company’s process engineering standards and specifications.


1. Censors and approves PMC/EPC project process and pipeline design drawings, documentations, calculation books and specifications, As-built drawings and documents in terms of conceptual design, basic design, detailed design and other relevant design work.

2. Advice on process engineering activities related to the Company’s existing and proposed process. Participates as a member of various special or adhoc committees to study various technical problems/facilities, or as an individual contributor, provides expert technical advice as and when requested.

3. Participate in the evaluation of plant modification requests involving a wide variety of process elements or problems and recommends appropriate solutions and/or acceptance or rejection of proposed changes as necessary. Including liaising with requesting or concerned parties, such as with Production, Maintenance or other Engineering units, gathering, researching and analyzing respective data and information and preparing recommendations with technical back-up as appropriate. Carry out subsequent conceptual process designs.

4. Receive various requests for engineering support, which may involve one of several technical activities, such as to carry out conceptual design, evaluate consultants design packages, inspect suspected faults on site or to provide simple advice on process matters etc. Carries out required collection and analysis of salient information and produces recommendations.

5. Prepare conceptual designs for major and minor process related projects or for projects that have process design content, inclusive of cost estimates and scopes of work. Directs in-house draughtsman in the preparation of necessary drawings and checks their finished work for accuracy and completeness. Supervises their performance and checks their completed design package to ensure completeness, quality of work and adherence to standards and Company requirements.

6. Technical support, cooperation and consultancy with related Parties and government issues.

7. Manage all the activities to ensure that Company's Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies and procedures are fully implemented and under control.

Independence of Operation:

Carries out work assignments in accordance with established company management policies, Conditions of contract and internationally recognized standards for the effective management of a wide range of multi-disciplined oil and gas projects. Completed assignments are generally reviewed.

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Company specifications


Codes and standards