Azlan J.

Azlan J.

Inspector, Manager, Superintendent, Supervisor / Technician
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Graduate from Asia e University, Bachelor of Engineering Management with total 18 years working experience, 8 years in relevant experience under Expediting, material inspection, material coordinating, preservation, logistic, supply chain management, warehouse management, expediting and 10 years relevant experience in engineering inspection, source inspection, coordinating, supervising, EPCC fabrication and installation of oil and gas, fabrication and erection of processing plants for piping mechanical, Hvac and structural works, fabrication of integrated topside wellhead and jacket leg, fabrication and installation of storage tanks, vessel, electrical equipment, rotating machine and HUC Commissioning. Complying to the safety standards, client specification requirement and relevant code and practice Like PETRONAS technical standard, Mubadala Petroleum standard, KPOC standard and procedure specification, AWS D1.1, NORSOK 001, M101 ASME section V, ASME section IX, ASME B31.3, ASME B 16.5, API 1104, API 570, API 571, API 574, API 577, API 578, API 650 and NACE 0742. Hard working person with proven technical competent certificate like CSWIP 3.1, Radiographer Interpreter Level 2, Liquid Penetrant Test Level 2, Magnetic Particle Test level 2 and technical skill seeking to apply my abilities to the position of engineering inspection, source inspection, expediting, material coordination and preservation.

highlighted : Extensive working experience in project inspection, monitoring, supervision and coordination in related project, good knowledge of company standard and international code.

·        Good leader ship and good communication skill.

·        Fluent spoken and write in Malay and fair in English.

·        Experienced in several major EPCIC projects.

·        Skill in using computer program, familiar with information technology package i.e. Microsoft word, excel, database management, ASSAI, SMART Yard, SAP system, ERP system, spreadsheet and email communication.


computer skills : Familiar with information technology package i.e. Microsoft word, excel etc



Carry out Preservation Inspection for all received material and packages during receiving and routine schedule as stated in Vendor and Project Preservation Procedures. Record and follow up all findings for close out by each responsible discipline.


Maintain effective relationships with internal stakeholders and service providers while reporting to the HUC Commissioning Manager and Material Manager.


HUC Commissioning Material controller, Spare management, loose item, Marine Logistic in bound and out bound, project material replacement, punch list item for onshore and offshore basis.


Ensures that all HUC commissioning and completion materials and tools are available on time to avoid platform and completions campaign delays.


Manage all material receipts and dispatches to ensure all material records are kept, as well as reconciliation of all material usage upon vessel departure by day-to-day issue, including keeping track of materials/equipment on board.


Manage all completions, materials receipts and dispatches, inventory and stock control, and day-to-day material movements and transactions with the shore base materials coordinator.


A Logistics Assistant works in the area of shipping and receiving and supports the logistics manager in all aspects of warehouse operations. Monitoring, review and compare costs from various vendors point of view for transportation or shipping land and air freight to ensure that the outgoing shipment, inbound, out bound is accurate and well packaged, track shipments, and ensure delivery.


Liaises with all third-party vendors and the HUC Commissioning team in order to collaborate and communicate with the offshore platform operation team, including the logistics team.


Identify correct storage locations for material for the purpose of maintaining preservation requirement, e.g., control climate room for electrical/electronic parts and equipment.


Accountable for the efficient management of supply and logistical issues in daily operations, starting from purchasing, delivery by land, sea freight or air freight, receiving, inventory and issuing.


Determine, anticipate, and consolidate short-, medium-, and long-term requirements for all company procedures and specifications.


Participate in weekly Quality and Preservation Round for installed equipment on CPP topside and issue Q-Card for discrepancy findings.


Accountable for reading, interpreting, assessing, and making recommendations about delivery, shipping terms and conditions, and other pertinent service providers / suppliers.


Prior to shipping offshore, ensure that all equipment is inspected, certified, and safely transported, including all safety stock levels of dry and liquid bulks to support offshore operations.


Ensure all material in complete mill certificate, physical, thickness, type, dimension, Inspection of receiving material and make sure attach with mill certificate, PMI, purchase order including with good in receiving inspection report (GIRR).


Assist and support the operation Materials Coordinator (Offshore), maintain material, asset control register, and ensure full material reconciliations are carried out.


Manage and coordinated of export and import shipping operations, ensuring compliance with trade (under Trade Act (STA) 2010 [Act 708] – MITI), regulations and procedures, (under the Postal Services Act 2012 (PSA 2012), MCMC is responsible to overseeing and regulating the postal and courier services in Malaysia) and ensuring all confirmed shipments are smooth and on time, under international or local management or forwarding like DHL, UPS, Pos Malaysia and etc.


To manage and guarantee that shipments are processed quickly and delivered on time, arrange shipments in accordance with the needs and communicate with the internal department.


Overseeing and assist with project management and construction with material delivery, receiving, issuing, tracking and documentation from vendor, sub vendor receiving, inspection, storage and installation.


Physically receiving all materials and equipment from the supply base in accordance with the outbound manifest and flight manifest, coding and storing properly in the appropriate locations for commissioning activities.


On materials/equipment enquiries, coordinate with shore base logistics, marine coordinator, helicopter coordinator, and materials coordinator, and prepare return materials, equipment to shore base, issue Inbound manifest, and send to shore base attention.


Follow up all material with weekly MSR, material summery record with SMART YARD system and establish track report for daily use or stored material as per construction plan.


Identified material deficiency during receiving inspection activities, including damage, shortage or replace material.


Maintain all record, VDRL, inspection report, mill certificate, deficiency report, material issue, Purchase Order (PO) and Delivery order (DO).


Managing of balance material, surplus and scrap for reuse and disposition project material and kept in recorded.


Carry out physical stock, inventory, and record tracking at the end of each month or as required by the logistics supervisor and finance department, and keep all paperwork on both hard copies and soft copies for retrieval and audit purposes.


To promote safe and efficient handling, manage the handling, including lifting of equipment and material. Ensure that all cargo receipts and returns are done safely and in accordance with HSE policy and guidance.

Random monitoring of welding parameter, voltage, polarity, heat input, run sequence, time lapse, cleaning between passed, interpass temp, max waving and consumable control.


Provided experienced quality assurance and control support to the project team members, fabricators, clients and the suppliers to ensure that the project's deliverables are matched with the defined quality specifications.


Manage required project inspections, coordinating inspection activities according to approved ITP, managing quality documents, resolving technical queries, and any other quality issues.


Oversee project's design, engineering, procurement, construction, and management, and lead the implementation of client’s quality requirements.


Review design plans, process diagrams, project specifications, technical standards, and to prepare relevant quality procedures, test procedures, and other project quality documents.


Ensures that the project execution meet the organizations and customers’ quality and product integrity requirements.


Identifies root causes of problems in the production; recommends and/or implements corrective measures.


Analyses data to identify trends in product quality or defects with a goal of mitigating and preventing recurrence and future defects. Technical query or site notification.





Deliverable types

Deliverable types

  • Bill Of Materials
  • Isometric Drawing
  • QA/QC procedures
  • Specifications
  • Standards And Codes
  • Supplier Inspection Book
  • Equipment And Performance Data
  • Companies specs

    Companies specs

    shell dep

    Codes & standards

    Codes & standards

    • aisc
    • ansi b.16.5
    • ansi b16.11
    • api 1104
    • api 570
    • api 571
    • api 650
    • asme b31.3
    • asme viii
    • asme v
    • aws d1.1
    • cswip3.1
    • norsok



    • excel
    • sap oil and gas





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    EXECUTIVE BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT, Engineering Industrial and material management. Courses: Engineering industrial management, operation and strategic management, human resources, procurement sourcing and managing people organization, logistic and lean management, quality inspection and managing material inventory & warehouse resources.



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